US Temporary Worker Visa Categories

Temporary (Nonimmigrant) Worker Classification Nonimmigrant Classification for a Temporary Worker Description Nonimmigrant Classification for Dependant Spouses and Children of a Temporary Worker   CW-1 CNMI-Only transitional worker CW-2   E-1 Treaty traders and qualified employees.   E-13   E-2 Treaty investors and qualified employees.   E-23   E-2C Long-term foreign investors in the CNMI   […]

Student Visa Procedures for Students heading to USA this Fall

Are you planning to join a US University in the Fall? If you wish to pursue full-time academic or vocational studies in the United States, you may be eligible for one of two nonimmigrant student categories.  The “F” category is for academic students and the “M” is for vocational students. To learn more, please see […]

Visiting USA requirements

Visiting the United States of America. Generally, if you want to visit (and not live in) the United States you must first obtain a visitor visa. Travelers from certain countries may be exempt from this requirement. For more information, please see the U.S Department of State website. Also, all visitors are advised to carry proper […]

India is the Top Source of Skilled Migrants to Australia in 2012

Australian immigration has announced that so far this year, India is the top source country for skilled permanent migrants coming to Australia, surpassing China and the UK. “Most of the Indian migration is skilled, both independent and sponsored. Independent migrants clear the points test and come over and look for work. Sponsored migration is when […]

Check your immigration application Status Phone Numbers

The Immigration Information Network A Service of the India Net Services, Inc. Public Inquiry Numbers to Check Status INS’s Nebraska Service Center (NSC) has jurisdiction over the following states: Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.NSC also has jurisdiction […]

Visitors to the United States – Are you a victim of Multiple Screenings?

It appears that visitors from India are repeatedly selected for secondary screenings on various occasions. If you are that unlucky person, file an inqury with the department of Homeland Security which may want to review your case and remove any additional notations associated with your name. If you or anyone you know have been selected […]

Websites of U.S. Embassies, Consulates, and Diplomatic Missions

USA Visitors | India Network

Websites of U.S. Embassies, Consulates, and Diplomatic Missions AFRICA • Africa Regional Services – Paris • Angola: Luanda | Português • Benin: Cotonou • Botswana: Gaborone • Burkina Faso: Ouagadougou | Français • Burundi: Bujumbura • Cameroon: Yaounde • Cameroon: VPP Septentrion • Cape Verde: Praia | Português • Central African Republic: Bangui • Chad: […]

Helpful Tips to International Students Joining US Institutions

Titles: Immigration Regulations Money and Banking Health Care and Medical Insurance Customs and Culture Immigration Regulations Maintaining Status You are responsible for maintaining your immigration status. There are several important things you must do to maintain status: Keep your passport valid. If you are a student, maintain full-time enrollment and normal progress toward your degree. Please check […]

Violation of Human Rights as Narrated by RAID Victim in San Antonio, Texas

India Network – INS Raid Victim Tells the Story Violation of Human Rights as Narrated by a INS RAID Victim in San Antonio, Texas, USA Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 13:56:39 -0800 (PST) From: Victim Victim This mail is from the victim of INS San Antonio Raid. Please look into this mail as fellow INDIANS. […]

American dream on hold for Indians Couple arrested in base raid last week

American dream on hold for Indians Couple arrested in base raid last week (Last updated Thursday, Jan 27, 2000) By Sig Christenson Express-News Staff Writer Venugopal Sabbani and his wife, Rajshree Row, now five months pregnant, came to the United States to work and, perchance, to dream. But their tranquil, relatively obscure lives as computer […]