Comprehensive Review of BMI Plans

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In today`s world where travel is one of most so-called popular activities of human to seek entertainment, one of the main things to consider is the safety while you are on your trip.

However, it’s sad to say that we can’t predict the chances of happening while you’re on the flight or travel.  In this situation the importance of travel insurance comes into play.

But before anything else, what exactly the travel insurance is and its importance? You may also ask yourself what is the best travel insurance for you? In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of travel insurance during your trip as well as the best travel insurance for you that will surely give you peace of mind and safety while abroad.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is intended to protect against risks and financial losses that may happen while traveling. The risks range out of little inconveniences including missed airplane flights and lost luggage to more serious issues like injuries or major hospitalization due to sickness or illness.

Luckily, there`s a lot of travel insurance that provides protection during your travel. But the big question is, what is the best travel insurance that will best suit for you?


Having both coverage, medical and travel assistance in one plan can be deemed that you really got the best insurance at all times. Imagine of having a coverage for medical need and travel assistance in one travel insurance without buying the coverage separately and do not paying much can be considered as a jackpot! But of course, many of you will ask what insurance provider will offer such coverage in one plan?

Fortunately, BEST MERIDIAN INSURANCE (BMI) was designed.

BMI offers both coverage, medical and travel assistance. Where you can freely choose among 5 plans they offer with different policy maximum such as Classico (10k), Ultra (30K), Ultra Plus (60K), VIP (100K) and VIP Plus (250K).

All plans can cover medical assistance including accident, sickness, pre-existing conditions, prescription drugs, dental emergency and accidental death.  Moreover, when it comes to travel assistance BMI plans provide a scope for trip cancellation, total and definitive loss of baggage, expenses for delay luggage and delayed or cancelled flight.

Aside from this, BMI can also cover international destination applicable for 0-85 year’s old travelers, immigrants, visitors or even green card holders. They also offer a 24/7 service so you have nothing to worry about needing an assistance anytime of the day.

Another good feature of BMI Insurance, is they offer a coverage for Covid-19 where we all known the most terrifying phenomena that make things complicated for all travelers to get a trip.


When it comes to plan cost, you can obtain BMI Plans in a very reasonable premiums, as it is a pro- rated policy which means premiums are based on your trip duration. You can avail BMI with the minimum enrolment of 5 days and a maximum of 364 days. Additionally, all BMI plans are extendable, beneficial for travelers wanting to extend their trip with no additional cost.

Lastly, BMI Insurance is a stress free insurer. They are responsible in everything about their customer needs. Apart from 24/7 services, BMI came up with the unique idea of policy, the 24 hours policy.

The 24 hours policy means that BMI team will provides all services for you as their loyal or first timer customer, which includes looking for an in-network provider, setting you up an appointment, providing your PPO card to the provider, making sure that all your needs are well addressed and most specially taking care on your claims. To acquire this service, all you have to do contact them on their WhatsApp number within 24 hours that is included on your voucher.

In BMI plans, you can guarantee a cashless claims with 100% coverage up to the policy maximum you choose. With the amazing and above expectation feature of BMI insurance, you can make sure to have a financial safety and peace of mind.

Enjoy your travel and let BMI Insurance protect you in all cost!