Dirty Spots on a Hotel Room that Could Make you Sick

 Dirty Spots in your Hotel Room that Could Make you sick

Hotels are a great place to stay when you need a break from home and want to spend some time exploring the city. But sometimes you come across spots in your hotel room that could make you sick. Whether that’s a bathtub covered with mold or an air vent infested with bacteria, finding these “dirty spots” is easy.

1. The Shower Head – This is a pretty obvious one: make sure it’s clean. You do not want to get sick.

2. The Toilet Paper Holder – Make sure you don’t flush it with wet toilet paper, as that could spread bacteria around your room and into other areas of the bathroom. 

3. The Floor – If there’s hair or dirt on the floor, consider vacuuming it up before going to sleep. That way, you’re not putting yourself at risk of getting sick from something that was already on the floor when you walked into your hotel room after being out all day.

4. The Towel Rail – If there are towels left on the rail between rooms (or if a guest has left their towel on them), consider asking the front desk to remove them before going to bed so that you don’t wake up with an uncomfortable rash!

5. Toilet Seat – Just like at home, a rule needs to be established where the toilet seat is concerned.

6. The bathroom sink – This can contain mold and bacteria which could make you sick if touched or ingested.

7. The floor – If someone has tracked in dirt from outside, then it may be tracked into your room as well through the carpeting or tile flooring. You should check this area every day to ensure it is clean and free of any debris that could contaminate your health or that of others in your room with you (e.g., children).

8. Door Handles and Room Keys – These are the surfaces that everyone touches. Not only have the guests touched these surfaces, but also the hotel staff. You need to be extremely cautious while handling room keys and opening door handles.

9. Carpets – Everyone walks on the carpet with dirty feet and even dirtier shoes.

Walking is not dangerous, but certain actions invite unwanted germs. You need to be cautious not to do any of these:

10. TV and AC remote – One of the dirtiest objects in the entire room is the TV remote. Even if you try, it’s impossible to ascertain that it is thoroughly cleaned. Bacteria and viruses are always hiding in the nooks and crannies of the buttons.

Because of how frequently people touch these two remotes, it isn’t feasible to sanitize your hands every single time.

11. Bedding – While housekeeping does change the sheets on the bed, the duvet and decorative pillows are simply reused.

This is a difficult one. You need to sleep on the bed, and there is no way to disinfect the entire bed. So, here are some alternative suggestions:

Carry some spare bed sheets. If you can’t, then ask the hotel staff for some clean sheets and lay them on the bed before sleeping.

Use inflatable pillows. You can also wrap your towel or spare clothing (like t-shirts or long skirts) around the hotel pillows.

Try not to sleep in a position that puts your mouth and nose directly onto the bed.

Eat on the table, not on the bed.

Always change your outdoor clothes before jumping into bed.

12. Telephone – You probably pick up the phone and call room service without a thought, as does everyone else. However, these phones are covered in germs from constantly being touched.

It’s not a mystery that disinfecting telephones is not a priority for the housekeeping staff. In this scenario, you can do three things:

Do not use the telephone. Go to the front desk for any queries or needs.

Use alcohol wipes to clean the phone before use.

 Sanitize your hands thoroughly after using the phone.

13. Coffee Maker

You would expect the staff to clean the coffee maker properly since guests will consume its contents, but there is no sure way to tell. Nothing will get you sick faster than drinking something contaminated with germs.

14. Drinking Glasses and Ice Buckets

Assuming you don’t fancy washing glasses and buckets on a vacation, it is advisable to not use these items at all. If you need to drink, just get some disposable cups.

15. Desk

Another high-touch surface in the hotel room is the desk. Most people use the desk, and germs stick to its hard surface for days. If you keep your belongings on it, germs are bound to get transferred to your things, and you don’t want that.

16. Chairs and Sofas

Chairs and sofas are where people sit in dirty clothes, and they place their hands on the arms of these chairs and sofas.

Being cautious of what you touch is the key here. Here are some suggestions:

Don’t place your hands on the chairs and sofas. Always sanitize if you do touch them.

 Have your clothes washed or dry cleaned often. Don’t wear the same unclean clothes every day. They can carry the germs to the bed.

Avoid sleeping on the sofa. You will contract contagious illnesses faster this way

By keeping in mind the dirty spots in your hotel room that could make you sick is a big advantage to avoid exposing yourself to dirt, viruses and sickness during your trip. Cleanliness are the most important thing you need to prioritize if you are visiting a foreign country especially today that the world facing pandemics.