INF Insurance Review: INF Elite Insurance

INF ELITE is one of the comprehensive plan that INF insurance offer. It provides an excellent coverage for the travelers who is planning to visit Mexico, Canada and US. INF Elite plan offers a great scope not only in accidents and new sickness but also for pre-existing conditions.  A travel medical insurance plan that covers worsening pre-existing conditions, any accident or disease that was diagnosed or developed before departure, or both.

This policy is the most recommended for visitors with pre-existing conditions.
“Pre-existing Condition” means an illness, disease, or other condition of the Covered Person that in the 12-month period before the Covered Person’s coverage became effective under the Policy:

1) First manifested itself, worsened, became acute, or exhibited symptoms that would have caused a person to seek diagnosis, care, or treatment; or

2) Required taking prescribed drugs or medicines, unless the condition for which the prescribed drug or medicine is taken remains controlled without any change in the required prescription; or

3) Was treated by a Doctor or treatment had been recommended by a Doctor.

INF Elite plan is a comprehensive benefit plan which covers 80-90% of all eligible medical expenses until its plan max. INF plans is also partnered with UHC which will give you access to in-network providers, direct billing or “cashless claims”, and UHC PPO discount on top of the insurance.

Notable Features of INF ELITE Plan

  • Covers all pre-existing conditions – INF Elite covers any sickness / conditions older than 12 months as a “New Sickness”
  • Guaranteed Cashless Claims – INF Elite will make appointments for members via WhatsApp so they don’t need to worry about provider acceptance or direct billing 
  • Choice of PPO Network – Starting in April 2023, INF Elite will provide members the choice between United Healthcare Options PPO and Aetna Network PPO 
  • VIP Airport Assistance – INF Elite will provide a representative to meet visitors at their gate, fast track them through immigration, and ensure they make their transit flight
  • 24/7 customer support on phone, online chat, and email 
  • Includes Telemedicine – 100% free, deductible waived, unlimited use telemedicine for plan members 
  • Cashless Prescription – Starting in April 2023, INF Elite will be the only visitors insurance offering cashless prescriptions at local US-based pharmacies
  • Smart Delay – INF Elite provides free lounge access if your flight is delayed by more than 90 minutes  
  • Priority Pass – INF Elite plan holders get free Priority Pass memberships and 3 free airport lounge visits per policy issued 

Other Features of INF ELITE Plan

  • Policy holder availability from 0-99 years old
  • 80-90% total medical bill coverage
  • 364 days coverage maximum
  • Dental Discount Coverage – INF Elite comes with Careington 500 Dental plan, providing dental discounts on hundreds of dental procedures 
  • Covid-19 Coverage
  • Renewable


  • Refund is not available after the effective date
  • Coverage for Mexico, Canada and US only

 Plan Highlights

INF ELITE get a 5 star review from the most trusted rating platform where customers are freely review one`s business or products they purchased. This plan Utilized United Health Care as PPO where you can get a direct/cashless billing feature of the plan. It`s under writer is Crum and Foster which is the real under writing organization with 200 year history of assisting customers in risk management via laser-focused skill, ethics and discipline. Crum and Foster is a market-leading provider of property and liability, accidental and health, and specialty insurance solutions. All travelers can buy INF Elite Insurance planning to visit US, Mexico and Canada.

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Plan Descriptions: 0-69 and 70-99

Customers Reviews
“I had a pretty pleasant experience. I bought the elite plan for my mom who is visiting from India. She had recently had a major skin infection- but it was covered thru their UHC Doctor.. They were very responsive and helped me with all the paperwork. Praveen and Peter are the go to people if u need help” Shanti Ram 

“Took a chance on this plan and was not disappointed. I paid about $13,000 of the last year and a half on INF elite plan, it met all of my expectations. They gave me discounted rates on my maintenance medication and blood test, and one time my dad had a stomach issue and they covered the visit to the gastroenterologist. Good plan overall” Saurav Basu

“I would recommend anyone looking for something that resembles a real insurance to enroll in the INF Elite plan. My mom had an episode of syncope and was in the hospital for 2 days. We got a bill of almost $60,000. I am thankful for INF, they covered 2/3 of the cost. For the remainder, they helped me negotiate the bill to 23 cents on the dollar. Ive never encountered a company that really care like them.”  Shashi Jumaliah

“I have a great experience with INF. I went with the INF Elite for my mom, a plan that they said covered all pre-existing conditions. It worked well in my favor- she has a history of heart issues and experienced a heart arrythmia and atrial fibrilization- so I took her to the urgent where they ordered several scans and blood tests. Elite covered me for the whole issues, I typically don’t buy insurance but I am thankful I did this time.” Payal P.

“Mom only has mild diabetes but i did not want to take the risk. I`ve heard many horror stories of parents getting sick and insurance not covering anything. I applied for inf elite plan, which gave good peace of mind. My mom had a tooth ache and i took her to the dentist and only paid like half price.” Sachin Reddy

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