Reviews INF Insurance Review: An INF Elite Plus Insurance Comprehensive Reviews

The category of comprehensive policy is one of the INF Insurance most recommend plans, as it provides 90% coverage which is the perfect for travelers looking for a higher coverage in their total medical cost.

This plan also has a coverage in pre-existing condition, new sickness and accidents. This is a complete package plan of INF!  

Unlike any other plans, INF ELITE Plus has a preventive and maintenance care coverage. Preventive care or maintenance is something that helps detect or prevent serious diseases and medical problems before they can become major such as annual check-ups, immunizations, and flu shots, as well as certain tests and screenings. This may also be called routine care. This plan also has a coverage in pre-existing condition, new sickness and accidents.

This is a complete package plan of INF!  If you want all things will be covered Elite Plus plan is the best for you.


  • Applicable for Green Card Holder
  • 24/7 Medical Support
  • 90 days Minimum Enrolment
  • 364 days Maximum Enrollment
  • Covers Pre-existing conditions
  • New sickness and Accidents
  • With Preventive and Maintenance Care Coverage
  • Cashless Prescriptions
  • Choice of PPO Network
  • Acute Onset treated like a New Sickness
  • Complete Package Insurance Plan
  • With Covid-19 Coverage


  • Cancellation and refund only before the effective date of plan
  • Available only for Mexico, Canada and US Country Destination
  • Applicable only for non-US Residents and Green Card holder


Policy Description: 0-69 years old70-99 years old
Where to Apply:


Over the time, INF INSURANCE Plans provides a high quality of service in their customers. The following reviews was taken from the most trusted platform of internet from all times where customers can freely rate the business, services or products they purchase.

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“I just want to share my experience with this insurance company. I actually saw this plan already in some advertisements. My friend told me that her mother once took this plan while visiting her in the USA. I actually have a traumatizing past with some insurance companies that I trusted last time I was looking for coverage for my uncle. That’s why I don’t really put my trust in these kinds of matters. I looked up INF Insurance on the website, and the well-organized plan descriptions, benefit explanations, and policy coverages cleared up my concerns and doubts. I tried looking for a plan that mainly focused on medication and treatments for the high blood pressure of my mom. It then introduced me to applying for the INF Elite plus Plan. This one’s really great! As of that moment, my mom had already come back safely to India after visiting me here in the USA. Such a great experience with this insurance company, indeed! Thank you so much to the crew who are working hard for this company. One of a kind!” –Sasha Virtod, September 19, 2022

“My claims were paid- no questions asked. I got the Elite Network plan for my father-in-law who visited earlier this year. He got appendicitis only 2 weeks after he arrived. I remember speaking with an agent who gave me their direct line. I called him at 2 am and he answered the phone, found an in-network provider, and told me where to go and what to do to get my father-in-law the coverage he needed. After he was admitted in the hospital, he had to get emergency surgery. I called the agent again and he told me there’s no pre-authorization for any issue so just to go ahead with whatever the doctor orders. My father-in-law was in the hospital for almost 6 days and the bill was almost $40,000. INF paid the claim with no questions asked. It was the most stressful experience having to go through that- but the people at INF and the coverage they provide really gives you the peace of mind you need. 5 stars for the staff and the service.” – Kameswarrao Mantripragada, February 12, 2019


“Great product and service!

I used INF when my grandparents were visiting from Shanghai. My grandfather had a mild heart attack last year so I wanted to make sure he was covered. I took the INF Elite Network plan- which is quite expensive. For 6 months it cost almost double his flight ticket. It was worth it because he had another cardiac event this past December. My bill came out to like, $18,000. The insurance took care of me & my family.” –Danny Qi, March 19, 2029