INF Insurance Review Compilation Year 2022!

For the long run, INF as an Insurance provider brings safeness and peace of mind for international travelers. With the wide range of policies they provide, INF now are one of the largest and most trusted insurer of the travelers, immigrants and visitors around the world with different races and nationalities.

This company was founded in 1988, with only 11- 50 employees at first. Over the time, this business progressively spread its reputation globally and soon won the confidence of tourists everywhere.

This blog post will consist a comprehensive INF reviews and testimony out of millions and billions pleased customer of the said insurance provider.  

But before going to the exciting part of this blog, let us first talk about the frequently ask question of INF Customers. 

·         What does Full Pre-Existing Insurance mean? 

Full Pre-Existing means that any pre-existing condition is covered for In-Patient, out-patient, urgent-care, and specialist visits. For example, your visitor has heart issues. Recently, they begin experiencing heart pain. You can visit the cardiologist- this would be covered underneath full pre-existing coverage. Essentially, INF Plans treat any issue related to a pre-existing condition like a New Accident & Sickness, subject to a different policy maximum & deductible.

·         How come only INF provides Full Pre-Existing Coverage?

All Insurance for Visitors providers have access to the same data. We all use the same actuarial data to let us know what the losses are by offering such as high risk policy. The difference between INF and other companies is that:

1) INF actually does care about their members. As a community organization, INF’s main goal is to serve the community. This is why INF has been offering these high risk programs, even though sometimes it loses money. We are committed to helping the community.

2) INF is backed by a true American underwriter, Ace Insurance Company under the Crum and foster, the largest publically traded insurance company, provides the financial prowess needed to offer such a high risk program.

·         What are the limits of Full Pre-Existing plans? 

Our policies have limited exclusions. Full Pre-Existing means we will cover any issue regarding a pre-existing condition. However, if you are enrolling in our insurance policy solely for medical treatment, that will not be covered.

·         What is the difference between Full Pre-Existing & Acute Onset Insurance?

Acute Onset will only cover a sudden recurrence of a pre-existing condition. Please read our article: Pre-Existing Conditions Acute Onset FAQ for a detailed explanation of Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions. 

There are a few differences between acute onset & full pre-existing. Mainly- with Full Pre-Existing coverage, you are covered for ALL pre-existing conditions, and associated medical costs. This includes follow up visits, hospitalizations, doctors’ visits, etc. Acute onset will only cover the In-Patient hospitalization. Moreover, these plans will include many limitations and have lower coverage than full pre-existing plans. 

·         I had cancer a few years ago, but has been healthy since. Should I still buy Full Pre-Existing insurance?

Yes. We highly advise anyone who has had any heart condition, kidney issues, Type-II diabetes, surgery, or cancer in the past to enroll in Full Pre-Existing conditions coverage. Although cancer may not appear right now, we can never rule out the possibility something may arise due to the complications caused by cancer. 

·         Do INF Plans really cover all pre-existing conditions? 

Yes. Our policies will cover any pre-existing issue you may have. From blood pressure & diabetes, to kidney complications & arthritis, these issues are all covered by the INF Premier & INF Elite Network Plan.

·         Why are Full Pre-Existing plans more expensive than other insurance plans?

The Insurance Company takes on an enormous risk by insuring individuals for pre-existing conditions, especially without any prior exam needed. In Visitor Accident & Sickness Insurance- you get what you pay for. With the INF Premier Plan & Elite Network Plan, you can rest easy knowing you are covered fully. With INF, get the coverage you want & the peace of mind you need.

·         What services are covered with full Pre-Existing?

A list of covered services can be found on the program description pages of the INF Premier Plan & INF Elite Network Plan.

·         Are prescription medications covered by this insurance? 

Prescription Medications are covered when prescribe for a recent incident caused by a pre-existing condition. Maintenance medications, such as Lipitor, are not covered under this plan. 

All INF members are auto-enrolled in our Careington Discount Card program, which provides prescriptions discounts of up to 20% on most drugs. Our discount card program works at 58,000 pharmacies nationwide. 

·         I had a heart attack a few months ago, and I experience chest pain while traveling in the US. Will the check-up & services be covered?

Yes. Heart attacks are considered a pre-existing condition. This means, if any issues arise regarding the heart problems faced by you in the past- this would be covered. The Full Pre-Existing Coverage treats any pre-existing condition like a New Accident & Sickness. That means any new issues which arise due to heart complications will be covered. However, follow up visits with a cardiologist regarding the heart attack itself, as well as any medical check-ups, are considered maintenance and are not covered under these plans.

After narrowing down the frequently ask questions of all clients around the world.
Let`s move on to the most inspiring part on how INF insurance satisfied their customer with their excellency and expertise that will surely blow up your mind.