INF Plans announces "Guaranteed Cashless Claims Facility" for all members

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Filing claims are sometimes a time consuming, you might also impatient of waiting for the process that take weeks, months or even worst. Other insurance company will surely be like this but for INF Insurance? Long wait no more!
                Starting from February 5th, 2023, you can now enjoy their new upgraded cashless feature. INF will be using a new claims office that will take responsibility for everything. Your excitement will surely lead you with the biggest curiosity. How to access the newly cashless claims?
This blog post explains the complete process of acquiring cashless claims with comprehensive coverage. Take a short time to read and enjoy the lifetime above expectation feature of this insurance company!

Claims are formal request for reimbursement after an insured incident is filed by the policyholder to their health insurer is called as an insurance claim. Any incident that is covered by your insurance policy, such as a hospital visit, a natural disaster, or theft, can fall under this category.  Filing a claims to reimburse are usually happens to the insurance company with old policy in where you need to pay out of pocket and later file for reimbursement. But for INF, just sit down and relax. Guarantee a cashless claims and focus on your trip without having worry.

How to access guaranteed cashless claims?

  • When members become symptomatic, they will be able to message our team 24/7/365 via WhatsApp, phone, or email and guarantee to be assisted properly and promptly by the manager.
  • Once contacted, the member will be put in touch with a nurse practitioner, who will be able to provide immediate consultation over the phone
  • If it’s a life threatening emergency – INF Assistant team will direct the member to the nearest hospital and contact the hospital and provide their eligibility and coverage details on behalf of the member.
  • If the member wants to go to an urgent care– INF Assistant contact 3 urgent cares while the member is on the line
  • You can also suggest any IN NETWORK facility.
  • After providing your preferred provider. INF Assistant team will provide verification of benefit OR a “guarantee of payment” to the provider to ensure that it is cashless and fix everything to make sure that you are eligible to acquire cashless claims. After assisting everything you can now enjoy a “Guarantee of Payment” means INF prepay for the visit as they have already assessed that the symptoms are eligible for benefits
  • If you wants to go to an specilist / lab facility
  • You can suggest 3 IN NETWORK facilities or INF will provide options for 3 facilities. They will also provide verification of benefit OR a “guarantee of payment” to the provider to ensure that it is cashless

How fast will claims be settled?

Claims will be settled within 30 days and you will need to download a NEW ID card from the member portal. To access your new ID cards- please visit Then, login with your email, and click on “Active Plans” in the portal. On the right hand side there is a dropdown link. Please click on that and select “Plan Documents” to download your new ID card. As part of INF Insurance new claims initiative, we are introducing “Guaranteed Cashless Claims” which can be accessed via WhatsApp, Phone, or Email through our 24/7/365 Assistance team.

For an instance that you have a current claim / incident, you will continue to work with our current claims office (ACI) until the claims are fully paid.

However, if you a NEW CLAIM/INCIDENT for which appointment has already been made, you MUST contact INF assistance team to update billing and ensure a cashless transaction.

How do you check claim status?
The following are steps on how you check your claims status and keep on track with it.

1)    Claims status can be checked via member portal

2)    Claim status will be proactively sent to the member via email / text / phone call.

Do I have a contact at the claims office I can speak with?

  • Yes, all members will have a case manager who they can contact about their particular claims.
  • The case manager will proactively reach out to the member to provide details regarding the claim and where it is in the processing.

Are prescriptions also “Guaranteed Cashless?”

 All Prescriptions will subject to automatic UHC repricing at the time of pick up. Starting in April 2023 – a list of 30 generic medications will be 100% covered, with additional medications being subject to a copay

Do I need to complete a claim form?

You may need to complete a claim form IF:

  1. You choose to go to an out of network provider not organized by our service.
  2. You choose to an in-network provider not organized by our service.
  3. You have a valid prescription eligible for reimbursement.

Having an insurance company that provides a guarantee are one in a million. It is always suggested to choose insurance provider with good policy and coverage where INF insurance reach qualification for their continually growing business with fair policy between customer and the company.