INF Insurance Review: INF Premier Insurance

INF Premier Plan categorized as one of the fixed policy of INF insurance. A fixed plan means the plan will pay based on a schedule of benefits. Schedule of Benefits is a list of covered medical services. Next to each item on the list is a dollar amount (maximum benefit). The plan pays only to the listed maximum benefit.

This plan covers worsening pre-existing conditions for issues such as BP, Diabetes, Thyroid, and many other illnesses. In fact – chronic issues which are stable for at least 12 months are covered to the plan maximum. Stable means there were: 1) No symptomatic issues, 2) Sickness visits to the Doctor, or 3) New Prescriptions or changes in the prescription. Even if you have a worsening condition within the past 12 months – INF Premier will still cover, but it will be deemed pre-existing, and subject to a lower policy maximum (20K to 100K) and higher deductible ($1K or $5K)

How does a fixed benefit plan work?

There is a list in the policy called a “Schedule of Benefits”.  This schedule is like a Menu –there are different amounts listed for each covered service.


You can also 100% guarantee a cashless feature of INF Premier plan with a 24/7 Medical Concierge Support,  covers all pre-existing condition aside from Cancer, Vision Sickness (cataract), dialysis, preventive and maintenance care and mental illness (depression and anxiety) which falls under the exclusion of all INF plans including Premier.

Additional Coverage


Aside from pre-existing condition, INF Premier also has a new sickness and accidents coverage that is
subject to its plan maximum. It also provides COVID-19 treatment that you can surely guarantee financially safe against all COVID-19 cost. Additionally, INF Premier also cover acute onset of pre-existing conditions and treated like a new sickness that will be subject to its plan maximum. It also includes dental and vision treatment cause by an accidents.

Another good thing of INF Premier is that, it provides a coverage from 0-99 years old who is planning to visit US, Mexico and Canada with no nationality restrictions. As long as you are a non-US residence or either a green card holder you are eligible to purchase and cover the plan with a minimum enrolment of 90 days and a maximum 364 days.


  • Provides 24/7 Medical Concierge Support
  • Covers Pre-existing Condition
  • Guarantee a cashless feature
  • Provides Discounts cost for Meta Mates, Apple, Microsoft, Googlers, and Amazon employee.
  • Cashless Prescriptions
  • Available for a Green Card Holder
  • Choice of PPO network
  • Acute Onset treated like a new sickness


“INF Plans Made the Cut. I spent hours searching for a good plan for my parents visiting me this past summer. After speaking with several agents, I felt INF visitor insurance folks are upfront with pros and cons of their plans and explained clearly how the visitor plans work in general. This is very important to keep our expectations in line with the policy we want to buy. Essentially, I choose to purchase INF Elite plan for my dad and INF Premier for my mom (she is low risk). Unfortunately, my dad had minor incident and I went to ER. The plan covered as explained and no issues at all. I am so happy to share the experience so that others can save their time..”  –VasudevN , December 3, 2022 
“INF Premier Plan for Parents
Prakash has been helpful in patiently answering my questions and I took the INF Premier for my Parents and INF Standard for my Sister. Customer Care is very efficient and they handle the calls with ease. Greg has helped me in setting up the appointment for my Parents travel. He is quite understandable and efficient!” –Kaushik Kalagiri, July 6, 2022
“Referred by my neighbor, they couldn’t of better picked an organization like INF Health Plans to back me and my family up. I also have to admit my lack of knowledge on this very important service. Jason went through the list of plans with precise details and helped me select the Premier Plan which covered the claim during this 2019 Visit.” -Vitomir Voloshchenko, Januray, 21, 2022
“I had great experience with INF. They`re staff is responsive- and I even can text their reps if i have any questions. I enrolled in the INF Premier plan for my mom and dad, who are both in their 70s. I was able to get 10% off through my employer as well- which saved me around $80. Plans are expensive but worth it i would say.” –Trisha K. , September 5. 2019
“6 months ago, my Mom had a minor kidney issue, that unexpectedly became a bit major. Actually a ER visit that cost an estimated $5,000. INF’s PREMIER Plan covered the claim as well as my peace of mind! Really thankfully this group has a plan that covers pre existing kidney probs…..” -Kapil Varshney, January 28, 2022 
Schedule of Benefits: 0-69 to 70-99
By having the best insurance during your visit or  travel you can guarantee the financial safeness and enjoy vacations! 
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