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Overseas Travel Insurance for USA Visitors

If you are considering a trip to the United States, or are already in the planning stages, it is important to consider the potential risks associated with overseas travel. One way to protect yourself from these potential risks is to purchase health insurance coverage overseas. In this blog post, we will explain why it is important to have travel insurance and how it can benefit you during your trip. 

When traveling overseas, there are a number of important details that need to be taken into consideration. One of those details is overseas health insurance. Do you know what kind of insurance you need for your trip? Are you aware of the different types of overseas travel insurance for the USA? Let’s take a look at some of the details and considerations related to overseas travel insurance for the USA. 

What is Overseas Travel Insurance? 

It is a form of insurance that provides coverage for medical expenses, lost or damaged luggage, canceled flights, and other potential emergencies that may arise while you are traveling abroad. If something goes wrong during your trip, having overseas travel insurance can save you from financial losses and provide peace of mind in difficult situations. 

Why Do I Need It? 

The USA has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, but it also has some of the most expensive healthcare costs. Without proper overseas travel insurance, any medical bills that you incur during your stay could be incredibly costly. Moreover, depending on what type of visa you have when entering the US (e.g., tourist visa or student visa), there’s a chance that some medical services won’t even be available to you if you don’t have insurance. Furthermore, depending on where exactly in the USA you are traveling (e.g., rural areas versus urban areas), finding quality health care could be more challenging than expected; therefore, having overseas travel insurance is essential so that you can get quick access to quality health care when needed. 

What Does It Cover? 

It typically covers a range of potential emergencies such as medical expenses, lost or stolen luggage, flight cancellations/delays due to natural disasters or strikes/riots/civil unrests at destinations, and accidental death & dismemberment coverage while traveling abroad among other things. Depending on your provider and plan type chosen, there may be additional coverages available as well so it’s always best to do your research beforehand and understand what kind of protection you need for your specific trip needs before making a purchase decision. 

The Coverage 

Medical coverage is designed to provide protection against medical emergencies that might occur while traveling abroad. It typically covers doctor visits, hospital stays, medical evacuation, and other similar services.
Comprehensive coverage is more comprehensive in nature and usually includes medical coverage as well as other elements such as lost baggage, legal assistance, trip cancellation fees, and more. Depending on your situation, either type of coverage may be more appropriate than the other.    

Cost Considerations 

The cost can vary greatly depending on the type of policy purchased and the length of time covered by the said policy; however, it is generally affordable when compared to other types of insurance policies available in the market today. Generally speaking, a basic policy that covers both medical and comprehensive needs will cost around $100 per person for a one-week trip abroad. The costs can go up if longer trips are involved or if more extensive coverage is required due to activities such as skiing or rock climbing being planned during the duration of the trip. 

Additional Factors 

In addition to understanding what types of policies are available and how much they cost, travelers should also consider any additional factors that could impact their decision-making process when it comes to selecting an overseas travel insurance policy. These additional factors include pre-existing conditions (some policies may not cover them), destination country (some countries may require additional paperwork prior to entry), age (older travelers may pay higher premiums), length of stay (longer trips will likely incur higher premiums), and any activities planned while abroad (certain activities may require additional coverage). Taking all these factors into account will help ensure that travelers select an appropriate policy at a reasonable price point. 

What exactly does overseas travel insurance provide?

Emergency Medical Assistance- When traveling abroad, medical emergencies can arise at any time. It is best to be prepared in case of such an emergency by having a quality healthcare plan in place. Travel health insurance offers coverage for emergency medical care, hospital stays, prescription drugs, and even evacuation services in the event of an emergency. Plus, some policies may also cover routine check-ups or preventive care visits while you’re away from home.
Trip Cancellation/Interruption Coverage- Sometimes during the course of planning a trip, unexpected events occur that prevent travelers from making their desired destination. For example, weather conditions might force airlines to cancel flights or natural disasters might occur at your destination that makes it unsafe to visit. If such unforeseen events happen before or during your trip, travel insurance may help reimburse you for non-refundable expenses such as hotel bookings or tickets for shows or attractions that had already been purchased prior to the cancellation/interruption. 
Financial Protection Against Losses- Overseas travel insurance provides protection against losses due to theft or damage of personal belongings while abroad and can also provide coverage for lost luggage and passports if they are stolen or misplaced during your travels. Having this kind of coverage can help put your mind at ease while traveling so that you can focus on enjoying the new sights and sounds without worrying about potential financial losses due to theft or loss of property.   

Here is a list of the Top Rated travel insurance plans in 2022 

  • INF Elite
  • Diplomat America
  • BMI VIP Plus
  • INF Premier
  • INF Standard
  • BMI Utraplus  


Overseas travel insurance is an important consideration when planning a trip abroad. There are two main types—medical only or comprehensive—and knowing which type will best suit your needs is essential for ensuring adequate protection against potential risks associated with international travel. In addition to understanding what types are available, travelers should also consider cost factors such as pre-existing conditions, destination country, age group, length of stay, and any activities planned to while away from home in order to make an informed decision about which policy best suits their needs at a reasonable price point. With careful research and due diligence ahead of time, travelers can rest assured knowing they have adequate protection regardless of where their travels take them!

Having overseas travel insurance before visiting the United States is not only a good idea but also an essential part of preparing for an international trip. Not only does it provide financial protection against unexpected events such as illness or injury during your travels but it also ensures that you have access to quality health care whenever necessary—and this will make sure that your trip is safe and enjoyable! So before taking off on your next international adventure don’t forget to purchase overseas travel insuranceI