Spouse Name Deletion or Change in Passport

Department of State form DS60 Affidavit Regarding a change of name lies on table and ready to fill

If you wish to delete your spouse’s name from the passport, then you must apply for a new passport. The procedure is simple and can be done at any Indian Embassy. If your marriage has been dissolved by court order or divorce, you must submit an affidavit along with Form A (Application for Indian Passport) declaring that there has been no legal tie between yourself and your previous spouse since the last date of issue of this passport. The affidavit must be signed by both parties (you, as the applicant, and your ex-spouse, as the signatory). You may also have to provide documents such as an ITR or salaried employee’s certificate issued by the employer, etc., which proves that both spouses were employed at the same place for about the same period before the marriage took place; birth certificate(s); and death certificate(s), if applicable.