Tourist Visa to the USA with a financial Affidavit

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When applying for a tourist visa to the USA, you will be required to provide evidence of financial support. This is done by submitting a Financial Affidavit, also called Form I-134.
Form I-134 is an affidavit of financial support, signed by an individual, stating that they will be responsible for the applicant’s tuition and living expenses. Form I-864 is an Affidavit of Support, also called the affidavit of financial liability. This document is signed by the sponsor and states that they accept full financial responsibility for the applicant.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Form Affidavit of Support

I-130 Petition for alien relative

When you need to provide evidence of your financial status to support a family member or friend during their immigration process, you’ll need to file an Affidavit of Support Form I-134.
The Affidavit of Support is a declaration made under oath that verifies the signer’s ability to provide financial support for the person in question. This document is used by the US government to ensure that the person being sponsored will not become a public charge.

Bank Account Verification Letter for US Visa

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Usually, applicants are required to submit a bank account verification letter to be sponsored for a US visa. This document confirms that the applicant is the owner of a legitimate bank account and that the funds in that account are available for use. It’s crucial to comprehend the specifications for submitting a bank account verification letter if you’re getting ready to apply for a US visa.

US Tourist Visa- Sponsor Documents

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A US tourist visa allows foreign nationals to enter the United States for a specific purpose: leisure travel. The US tourist visa program is one of the most popular programs in the world, with over 10 million visitors each year. If you’re planning on applying for a US tourist visa, one of the first things you’ll need to do is find a sponsor. A sponsor is someone who can financially support your stay in the United States.