Spouse Name Deletion or Change in Passport

Department of State form DS60 Affidavit Regarding a change of name lies on table and ready to fill

The name of your spouse can be removed from an Indian passport if you request it and pay the necessary expenses. After removing the name, you must apply for a new passport at an RPO branch or through any private agency. Before returning your current passport or renewing it, you should seek the deletion of your spouse’s name. However, if your marriage took place more than five years ago but less than 10 years ago, you need only file for the deletion of his or her name from the passport after five years of marriage.

Spouse Name from Indian Passport

In case of divorce or separation, you can apply for a change in your spouse’s name on your Indian passport by submitting a marriage certificate.

Submit an affidavit to the police station stating that they have received information about the death of a spouse. If this affidavit is not available, then you need to provide some other evidence, like newspaper reports showing that they have passed away. This can be done through email along with all necessary documents and photographs required for getting their new passport issued at one time instead of going through multiple visits whenever applying for new ones. 

Spouse Name Deletion or Change in Passport

If you wish to delete your spouse’s name from the passport, then you must apply for a new passport. The procedure is simple and can be done at any Indian Embassy. If your marriage has been dissolved by court order or divorce, you must submit an affidavit along with Form A (Application for Indian Passport) declaring that there has been no legal tie between yourself and your previous spouse since the last date of issue of this passport. The affidavit must be signed by both parties (you, as the applicant, and your ex-spouse, as the signatory). You may also have to provide documents such as an ITR or salaried employee’s certificate issued by the employer, etc., which proves that both spouses were employed at the same place for about the same period before the marriage took place; birth certificate(s); and death certificate(s), if applicable.

Deletion of Spouse Name in Passport

If the passport is issued before the marriage, then you can delete your spouse’s name from your record by submitting a written request along with supporting documents to the Passport Issuing Authority.

However, if your spouse’s name is not mentioned in any document before getting married or they have changed their name after marriage, then it will be difficult for you to get their old passports back because there might be some problem with their new identity proof (e.g., PAN card).

Change of Passport after Divorce or Separation

If you wish to change the name on your passport after divorce or separation, you will have to file a formal application. The procedure is as follows:

Apply with the Indian Passport Office (EPO). You can do so by visiting their website or calling their toll-free number, 1800-101-4800, for assistance.

Submit two copies of all required documents to prove that you are married in India. These documents include the marriage certificate, divorce decree, affidavit stating that both spouses agree on changing their names in passports, a medical certificate stating why one wants to change their name, and an affidavit signed by both spouses stating they have legally separated.

Additional Documents

  • A copy of the divorce certificate
  • A copy of the marriage certificate
  • A copy of the death certificate
  • Your passport, which has your spouse’s name on it

Due to Divorce

Divorce must be finalized before applying for an Indian passport. The following documents are required to apply for a passport after getting divorced:

  • A copy of the Divorce Decree (if not available online) or an affidavit stating that the marriage has been dissolved by mutual consent;
  • A copy of the Marriage Certificate;
  • A copy of Birth Certificate;
  • Any other document proving identity, such as a PAN card or driving license issued by the RTO office in case you have changed your name since marriage.

Due to Death 

  • If you have a spouse who died and the name of your spouse is not displayed on your passport, you can request that it be deleted.
  • If your marriage took place after October 1, 2012, and before December 31, 2018, then the death of your spouse will automatically result in the deletion of his or her name from your passport.
  • If you wish to have their names removed from both passports, then they must both be canceled and a fresh one issued with no reference whatsoever made to previous marriages or relationships (including those that may have existed within India). This process does not apply if prior passports were issued before October 1st, 2012, because such documents may contain references about previous marriages that are now obsolete due to changes made by new legislation introduced by India’s government over the time since then!

Fill out the passport application form online and take a printout.

  • Visit the Passport website and fill out the application form online.
  • Print out your filled-in passport application form, sign it, and take the printout to your nearest RPO office for processing (in case you want to get an appointment).

In the application form, under (a) ‘Surrender of Passport for Cancellation,” select ‘Deletion of the name of the spouse’ under the reason for change or correction on the Personal Particulars page.

  • To delete the name of your spouse from your passport, you need to fill out an application form.
  • In the application form, under (a) ‘Surrender of Passport for Cancellation,” select ‘Deletion of the name of the spouse’ under the reason for change/correction on the Personal Particulars page.

Fill out this section by providing all necessary details, including:

  • Complete gender and date-of-birth information (if applicable)
  • Name and Address Details
  • Father’s Name & Occupation/Profession
  • Mother’s Name & Occupation/Profession
  • Marriage Certificate, if applicable

The existing passport will be canceled, and a new one will be issued.

  1. The existing passport will be canceled, and a new one will be issued by the Indian Embassy in your country or the Consulate General, depending on the location of your residence.
  2. Deletion of the spouse’s name can be done on an Indian passport if your existing passport is not damaged or tampered with.
  3. If your existing passport is damaged or tampered with, you can use it to apply for a new Indian passport. You must have an existing passport and submit a self-addressed, stamped envelope by registered or speed post. The application fee, as applicable, will also have to be paid in advance before proceeding with this process.

When submitting your application form, including proof of divorce, such as:

  • A copy of the court order stating that your marriage has been dissolved;
  • A copy of the decree absolute (for those who were married outside India); or

The above steps and process are applicable for the deletion of the spouse’s name from an Indian passport.

Summary of Deletion of Spouse’s Name from Indian Passport

An Indian passport can be issued to a child who is less than 18 years of age. A visa can be given to an adult if he/she has been married for less than 2 years.

The passport office may delete the name of a spouse from the passport if you have divorced, or if your spouse has died. This can be done by submitting a letter signed by the person divorcing, or those who are affected by it. In addition, you need to provide evidence that your marriage ended in divorce before submitting this application; otherwise, it will not be accepted.