The PIO Card: Person In Indian Original Card

PIO Card holders are Indian citizens who have been living in India. They can apply for a PIO card if they are staying here on a valid passport and have been living here for at least one year. If a person has lived in India then they might be eligible to apply.

PIO Card, who is eligible to apply for PIO Card?

PIO Card is issued to a person who is not an Indian citizen but has some connection with India. The eligibility criteria for obtaining this card are as follows:

  • You should hold an Indian passport (valid for more than 6 months and which has not been canceled). If you do not have such a passport and want to apply for it then you will have to apply through your Embassy or High Commission in your country of residence.

  • Your application form must be accompanied by valid supporting documents such as PAN card, voter ID card, etc., which should be issued by the competent authority of their respective states/union territories within one year before the dating of application along with photocopies thereof duly signed by concerned officials at different levels including chief minister/state governor. 

What benefits does a PIO card holder get?

A PIO card holder is eligible for a wide range of benefits in India and abroad. The following are some of the main ones:

  • Property buying- A PIO cardholder can buy property in India, provided he or she has been living there for three years or more at any point in time. The government allows them to do so by waiving stamp duty and registration charges as well as providing other facilities like reduced rates on land registration fees and taxes.

  • Car buying- Similarly, if you want to buy a car then it’s best if you have an Indian passport as well since it will help reduce your taxes on that too! This applies even when importing used vehicles from outside countries such as the USA or Australia since they all require permits issued by foreign governments before shipping them over here!

Eligibility Requirements

  1. You are eligible for a PIO Card if you are not eligible for an OCI Card.

  2. You have a valid Indian Passport.

  3. You have lived in India for a minimum of 182 days in the last 12 months, and don’t hold any other nationalities apart from Indian national ships.


  • If you have not lived in India for a long time, your PIO Card will be converted into a passport.

  • If you have moved from one state or country to another, and are currently residing there, then your card will be converted into an ID card with the same name as your passport.

What are documents required if you hold a valid Indian passport?

  • If you hold a valid Indian passport, you will have to submit the following documents:

  • Passport (valid for at least six months)

  • Address proof (such as voter’s ID card, driving license, or certificate of residence)

  • Date of Birth proof (photograph)

What are the documents required if you don’t have an Indian passport?

  • Proof of residence in India.

  • Proof of identity.

  • Proof of relationship to Indian nationals (child, spouse, parents).

Proof of relationship to PIO card holder (spouse) or parent or grandparent/grandchild if you are under 18 years old at the time of submission and have not yet been issued with a PIO card yourself by your country’s embassy/consulate or outside India but have obtained one from us through our service provider through which we will issue it for you within 24 hours after receiving your application online here at www.piocardindiaonlineinvoicesupport online money-back guarantee guaranteed until payment is made within 4 weeks from purchase date ordered from Amazon India portal only via Paytm Mall app available on Google Play Store Apple App Store Amazon App Store Windows Phone Store Blackberry 10 App World Microsoft App Marketplace Windows 10 Mobile Marketplace Firefox OS Marketplace

Valid OCI Card holders are not eligible to apply for a PIO Card.

If you are an OCI card holder, it is not possible to apply for a PIO card. You will have to submit your passport along with a photocopy of the relevant pages and send it in along with all other documents required for the application form.

However, if you have never been issued a PIO Card and wish to get one now, then certain requirements must be met before applying:

The applicant should have lived in India during their childhood years (from birth until they turn 18) or currently possess valid travel documents like an e-Visa or Valid Passport/Travel Document. 

He/she must be able to prove his/her identity as well as address proof by providing evidence such as a PAN card copy bill copy of marriage certificate electricity bill power failure report payment slip. 

If a person has lived in India then they might be eligible to apply.

If you are an Indian citizen, then you might be eligible to apply for the PIO Card. The eligibility criteria depend on your place of birth and residency in India. The application process is straightforward with some basic documents required like your ration card or voter ID card.

If you have been living in India for at least seven years as a resident and have become a citizen of India during that period, then you don’t need to obtain any special permission from any government office before applying with UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority). However, if either of these conditions is not met by someone else or if there are other reasons why this person should not be issued one such card – then they may need further information about what kind of documentation would be needed before deciding whether or not their case qualifies under these circumstances.”

You can apply for a PIO Card if you are an Indian citizen and possess a valid Indian passport. The applicant must also be above 18 years of age, have been living in India for at least 2 years to settle down here permanently, or have been living outside India for at least 5 years and intend to acquire citizenship within one year from the date of application. In addition, he/she should not be married within three months after acquiring citizenship by naturalization or registration as an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI). If this condition is not fulfilled then only one spouse will be allowed to apply for this card instead of both spouses together as per Rule 4(6)(a) of Passport Rules 1972.

The PIO Card is a Proof of Indian Residence and Identity

It is one of the most useful documents for citizens who are traveling abroad. It can be used for hotel bookings, line security checks, airline ticket booking, and many more. A person who wishes to apply for a PIO Card needs to meet the following eligibility criteria: they should be an Indian citizen, have resided in India on or after June 26, 2014 (with effect from July 1, 2014), must not have any other National Identity card/Passport issued by India or any foreign country besides OCI cards issued by Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) or FRROs in Mumbai and Chennai respectively as defined under Section 2 of Persons of Indian Origin Act 1919.