Visiting the Coldest Place in South India During Summer

Western woman exploring Jaisalmer Fort, Rajasthan, India

India experiences a scorching summer. We’re sweltering in the heat and humidity, and it’s difficult to imagine anything more annoying than an unrelenting sun that never sets. So allow me to suggest a notion: Why not completely flee the heat if you wish to beat it?

The amazing thing is that South India has locations where you can avoid the oppressive summer heat despite being surrounded by a tropical climate. It’s still in India, but in a way, that’s way cooler. One of these locations has gained the distinction of being the coldest location in South India during the summer.

Overview of South India During the Summer

Most people flock to the hills or the beach to escape the heat when the temperature rises and the weather becomes hotter. But did you know that there is a location in South India that is colder than the mountain towns? It is true! Winters in the Tamil Nadu village of Mudhumalai are notorious for their sub-zero temperatures.

Thus, if you’re seeking a place to escape the summer heat, Mudhumalai is unquestionably worthwhile. Some of the rarest and most endangered plant and animal species in India can be found in Mudumalai, a region in the Western Ghats. The forest department has a safari park where you may get up and personal with elephants, tigers, leopards, and other animals. If you want a more challenging experience, there are also many trekking tracks through the woodlands.

Mudhumalai is the ideal destination to escape the summer heat because of its mild temperatures and plenty of natural beauty.

Why Visiting the Coldest Place in South India Is Ideal During Summer?

Many well-known tourist attractions may be found in the Tamil Nadu state of southern India, but it is also home to Kodaikanal, one of the coldest spots in South India. This hill station is a well-liked location to escape the summer heat because it receives milder temperatures than the rest of Tamil Nadu due to its elevation of nearly 2,000 meters (6,560 feet).

The Palani Hills, where Kodaikanal is located, provide breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The town is also home to a variety of lakes, notably the well-known boating and fishing destination Kodai Lake. Visitors have the chance to experience the area’s natural splendor on one of the many hiking trails that are nearby.

In addition to its natural attractions, Kodaikanal also has several temples and other religious sites that are worth visiting. The town is also home to several museums and art galleries.

Whether you’re looking to escape the summer heat or simply want to enjoy some of Tamil Nadu’s most beautiful scenery, Kodaikanal is worth a visit.

Coldest Places to Visit in South India During Summer

When the mercury rises and the heat becomes unbearable, many people plan a trip to the hills or the beach. But what if you want to escape the heat without leaving South India? Here are some of the coldest places to visit in South India during summer:

  • Munnar, Kerala
  • Munnar is a popular hill station in Kerala and it enjoys cool weather throughout the year. In summer, the temperature in Munnar ranges from 15°C to 20°C. The best time to visit Munnar is from March to May.
  • Ooty, Tamil Nadu
  • Ooty, also known as Udhagamandalam, is another popular hill station in TamilNadu. It has a moderate climate and the temperature usually ranges from 10°C to 20°C in summer. Ooty is an ideal place to escape the heat and enjoy some refreshing mountain air. The best time to visit Ooty is from April to June.
  • Coorg, Karnataka
  • Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is a beautiful hill station in Karnataka. It has a pleasant climate all year round and the temperature usually ranges from 15°C to 25°C in summer. Coorg is an excellent place for nature lovers as it is home to many sprawling coffee plantations and lush green forests. The best time to visit Coorg is from October to February.

Different Types of Accommodation Available

-There are many different types of accommodation available in South India, from budget hotels to luxury resorts.

-For those on a tight budget, there are many inexpensive hotels and guesthouses scattered around the region.

-For those looking for a bit more comfort and luxury, there are also several upmarket resorts and hotels.

-Whatever your budget, there is sure to be an accommodation option to suit you in South India!

A Guide to Eating and Drinking at the Coldest Place in South India

There are a few things to consider when it comes to eating and drinking when you go to the coldest place in South India during the summer. To start, it’s crucial to drink enough water. Water is your best beverage; steer clear of sugary and alcoholic ones. Eating small, simple-to-digest meals is also a smart idea. Eat less spicy food because it can make stomach issues worse.

The greatest option if you’re hungry is to stick to locally produced foods that are meant to be cooling. Kichdi, a rice and lentil meal that is popular in the area, is frequently served with yogurt or pickles on the side. Idli, a type of rice-based steamed cake that is frequently eaten with chutney or sambar, is an additional choice (a vegetable stew). These two recipes are both rather mild, so they won’t make your stomach feel worse.

Last but not least, be sure to sample the local fruits and juices. In this environment, watermelon and cucumber juice are very cool. Try mango or litchi juice if you want something a little sweeter.

What to Expect When Visiting These Places?

The most picturesque scenery in India can be seen when visiting the coldest region in South India in the summer. Many glaciers in the vicinity make for a beautiful backdrop for pictures and selfies. Also, you can anticipate seeing a lot of snow on the ground, which makes for an excellent playground for kids.

Together with the stunning environment, you can anticipate finding a range of things to keep you occupied. There is something for everyone in this distinctive location, from hiking and climbing to playing in the snow.

Activities to Enjoy While Visiting

Assuming you are visiting South India during the summer, there are still many activities you can do to enjoy your trip! Here are a few ideas: 

  • Visit tea plantations: One of the most popular reasons to visit South India is to see the tea plantations. You can learn about how tea is made, and even pick your leaves. 
  • Take a boat ride: Kerala is famous for its backwaters, and taking a boat ride is a great way to relax and take in the scenery. You can even stay overnight on a houseboat if you want an authentic experience.
  • Explore temples: With so many Hindu temples in South India, there is no shortage of places to explore. Each temple has its unique architecture and history, making them worth a visit.
  • Go on safari: If you’re looking for some adventure, head to one of the many national parks in South India for a safari. You might even spot some elephants!

Tips for a Smooth Trip

When you think of India, you probably think of a hot, tropical climate. But did you know that there is a place in India that is so cold, it experiences snowfall? Yes, it’s true! The southernmost state of Kerala has a hill station called Munnar which boasts some of the coldest temperatures in all of India.

So, if you’re looking to escape the heat this summer and enjoy some cooler weather, Munnar is the perfect place to visit. Here are some tips to make your trip as smooth as possible:

  • Pack warm clothes: Even though it may be summertime elsewhere in India, it’s still winter in Munnar. Be sure to pack sweaters, jackets, hats, and scarves to keep yourself warm.
  • Book your lodging in advance: Due to its popularity during winter months, lodging can fill up quickly in Munnar. If you wait until the last minute to book your accommodation, you may not be able to find anything available. So be sure to plan and book your hotel room or homestay well in advance.
  • Get travel insurance: Because Munnar is located in a remote area of Kerala, it can be difficult (and expensive) to get medical care if you should happen to get sick or injured while there. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have travel insurance when visiting any remote location.

The highlands of Munnar are unquestionably the coolest location in South India in the summer. In December and January, the temperature drops to as low as 5 degrees Celsius, giving it the ideal refuge from the heat wave that is raging across the plains. You can go on long walks in the woods, take in breathtaking vistas of the mist-covered Western Ghats, or just unwind in your cozy hotel room with a nice cup of tea. Just be sure to bring lots of wool clothing.