Visitor Medical Insurance​

Visitor Medical Insurance, otherwise known as Visitor Health Insurance or Insurance for Visitors, is there to give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your parents stay.You have the tickets booked, the visa in hand, and now you eagerly await your parents visit to the US. It is always exciting to have a parent visit you. You can show them around, take them out to eat, and let them play with the grandchildren. You don’t want to worry about an injury or illness that can happen anytime and may leave you in financial ruin. According to INF claims data, there are very high costs for medical care in the US . The highest recorded claim in year 2018 was over $133,603 for the emergency removal of a gallbladder.

International travel can take a toll on the human body. More than that- after your parents arrive in the US, they have to adjust to new air, water, food, and environment. All of these adjustments leave your parents vulnerable to contracting sicknesses. Claims data over the past 5 years has show more than 40% of visitors to the US get some sort of sickness within the first six weeks after arrival. The most common sickness is urinary tract infections, which can lead to more kidney complications. Eventually, some of these sickness will require emergency medical evacuation back to your parents home country. This is why its very important to have a visitor medical insurance plan for your family. 

How do you protect yourself against these unknown risks? Living in the United States, you know it is not wise to drive a car or own a home without insurance. The same goes for your visitors- you should always have visitor travel health insurance plan for your visiting parents while they are staying in the US.


Visitor Medical Insurance FAQ

Which is the best visitor medical Insurance for Visitors in the USA?

The best visitor medical Insurance for Visitors to the USA depends on if your visitor has pre-existing medical conditions, their age, and your risk tolerance. Here are our choices for the best medical Insurance for Visitors in the USA:

1) If you have major pre-existing issues (bypass surgery, stent in heart, kidney or thyroid problems, diabetes: INF Elite Network Visitors Medical Insurance is the best policy. Elite Network will cover any pre-existing condition & the worsening of pre-existing conditions. INF Elite Network is considered a “full pre-existing plan” because it covers the full scope of pre-existing medical care.

This plan is not limited to the acute onset of pre-existing conditions. Elite has no look back period and no medical records required before purchase. INF Elite is the only travel medical insurance plan which will covers mom and dad no matter what happens to them.

2) If you have minor pre-existing issues (mild blood pressure or diabetes, no prior surgeries, only taking tablet as a precaution): INF Advantage Visitors Medical Insurance is the best policy option for you. Advantage is a comprehensive program that covers acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

Statistically speaking- there is only about a 1 in 4000 chance your mom or dad has an acute onset episode based on our claims data. Hence- you should only enroll in this plan if you want to be covered for true catastrophic emergencies.

What is covered by Insurance for Visitors for USA Travelers?

Visitors medical Insurance is another term for short-term medical Insurance for Visitors to the United States. Visitor medical insurance is not ACA compliant, so it typically does not cover maintenance or preventive care. These travel medical plans will cover new sicknesses, accidents, and the worsening of pre-existing conditions.

A survey of INF members stated their visiting parents will get into at least one or more accidents during their stay in the US. Mom may cut their fingers chopping vegetables or burn themselves with a pressure cookers, and dad may trip on a porch or slip in the bathtub. These accidents are quite common and quite costly to cover if they are serious.

An important aspect of Insurance for Visitors with knowing what ppo network the plan comes with, and what medical facilities are within that PPO network. INF Plans use the United Healthcare Options PPO and Aetna Primary Passport PPO for total coverage of doctors and hospitals. By visiting an in-network provider- you get 3 benefits: 1) The insurance will be accepted 1) Access to discounted medical rates, 2) Direct Billing to the Insurance company.

Do visitor medical insurance plans cover vision & dental?

Yes. INF plans provide dental and vision coverage through the Careington POS Dental Card program. This $99 value is a dental savings card which covers preventive, maintenance, and really any kind of dental procedure. The plan works as a instant discount card- saving you upwards of 60-70% on the total amount of the dental procedure. Moreover, INF Visitor Medical Insurance Plans provide coverage for dental injury to sound natural teeth. If your parents fall on the ground and chip their tooth- there’s coverage for that as well.

INF also provides members an EyeMed card- which provides basic savings on ophthalmology visits & glasses, including heavily discounted frames and lenses.

Does Visitors Medical insurance cover physicals, flu shots, immunization, and other preventative / wellness care? 

 For visitors to the USA, some doctors check ups are covered by INF. For example, INF Elite Plus and INF Premier Plus both cover wellness and preventative care like fully body physicals, immunizations, and immigration blood work. 
Regular blood tests & ongoing treatment are covered by Insurance for Visitors plans offered by INF. Where INF is different, is if you experience a worsening of a pre-existing conditions, blood tests & dialysis may be covered under the policy.

What type of Insurance for Visitors coverage should I apply for?

There are two main types of visitors medical  insurance: comprehensive plans and limited coverage plans.

Comprehensive plans cover a percentage of the total cost. These plans are more expensive, but pay out more in claims. Comprehensive plans are preferred if your mom or dad has a pre-existing condition, or if you are trying to protect against a large medical loss.

Limited coverage plans pay benefits that are fixed amounts. These fixed amounts are listed on a “schedule of benefits” – with a dollar amount next to each covered medical service. Fixed plans are much cheaper than comprehensive plans because they do not pay out a lot of claims.

Limited benefit plans, like the INF SelectCare, cost less than $1 per day. Fixed benefit plans may pay out a claim as high as $5,000 to $6,000.

Relatively speaking- if you paid $28 for a plan and got $5,000 in benefit- that’s a pretty good deal. But when you look at it in the context of your whole bill – you will be in for a shock. It does matter if your bill is $10,000 or $50,000 – fixed benefit plans will only pay their fixed amount. Meaning you are exposed to a very large loss when you take the risk of enrolling in a fixed benefit plan option.

Can I travel to the USA if I have pre-existing conditions?

Yes. INF specializes in providing visitor medical insurance for pre-existing conditions. Full Pre-Existing coverage treats pre-existing conditions like new sicknesses, meaning you can go to the doctor, urgent care, specialist, or get any type of care you need for a worsening pre-existing condition.

INF Elite and INF Premier Insurance for Visitors options provide full pre-existing coverage for all age groups 0-99 years old, with no need to supply medical records or any other documentation.

INF also provides acute onset of pre-existing conditions Insurance for Visitors options for visitors to the United States. These plans cover less in scenarios because it is hard to meet the criteria of an acute onset event. These plans to be lower in cost for that reason.

Nevertheless, INF acute onset coverage is more liberal than other providers. As long as you think you are going suffer a bad health outcome if you do not visit an emergency room- you should be covered by an INF acute onset coverage plan.

Is there a Insurance for Visitors which covers after a heart attack or stroke?

Yes. Our INF Elite & INF Premier Full Pre-Existing visitor medical insurance plans will cover any visitors to the United States, regardless of the prior medical history. Our plans do not have restrictions on how recent the surgery was, or if your mom or dad’s medication has changed. Elite & Premier cover all pre-existing condition. This mean any heart complication which can arise from their stay after a recent heart attack or stroke is covered by these plans.

INF Elite & Premier cover any cardiac related issue- any sicknesses related to the heart is covered by these plans. Only INF can provide this type of comprehensive, true pre-existing coverage. INF Elite & Premier are backed by over 30 years of claim experience and underwriting expertise to offer this kind of product for the traveling consumer.